Statement from Malcolm Pein

9 October 2021

I decided to stand for the post of Chief Executive because I was unhappy with the direction the ECF was taking, particularly what I viewed as its failure to attempt to engage with government and to take seriously its responsibility to try and develop the game at all levels.

I was also very concerned about the fate of the remaining BCF/ECF assets which are effectively the ECF’s financial backstop. My thoughts and detailed proposals on these issues have been expressed in two policy statements here: and and in three resolutions which I tabled here: .

I’m delighted to say that through the good offices of the ECF Non-Executive Director Stephen Woodhouse, detailed and amicable discussions with the incumbent CEO Mike Truran have crystallised into an agreed way forward, the details of which I will publish shortly at

As a result, there is no need for a contested election. I will remain in post as Director of International Chess and Mike Truran will stand unopposed on Saturday.

It was clear to me that both candidates had considerable support and that the electoral outcome would be quite close. Such division could not be good for the ECF or English chess. A joint statement from Mike and I will be issued shortly.

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Malcolm Pein