Motions to ECF Council AGM 2021

Please note: an older version of these resolutions is on the ECF website and Council agenda. I have discussed the matter with Council Chair, Michael Farthing, and these resolutions will be moved as amendments.

Motion 1

This Council requests the PIF Trustees to work with the Board to simplify the ECF/BCF structure and to ensure that the PIF Funds are utilised for the sole benefit of the ECF and are not transferred to other organisations or charitable trusts without safeguards to ensure that the use of such funds is exclusively for projects approved by Council or by the Board. 

Motion 2

This Council requests the Directors of Chess Centre Ltd to work with the Board to simplify the ECF/BCF structure, to dissolve Chess Centre Ltd and transfer the assets in a tax-efficient manner to a charitable trust as ‘restricted income’, to ensure that the trustees of the charitable trust receiving the assets will be obliged to allocate these assets exclusively to projects approved by Council or by the Board for the ECF for the benefit of members.

Motion 3

This Council notes the recent statement from Oliver Dowden MP regarding chess and instructs the Board to attempt to engage with government to secure recognition of the game as well as funding, with a view of developing the game in England.

Proposed by Malcolm Pein Director of International Chess and Robert Willmoth Director of Membership.